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Welcome to our Pampering Community!

Handmade, Hand Cut and Hand Packaged


At Honeybee Pampering, our products are handcrafted in small batches with the finest organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. When possible, we source ingredients from small farms in the community. We create clean, natural, and luxurious products to pamper your skin with none of the toxic ingredients!


My name is Melissa, I am the “Queen Bee” of Honeybee Pampering… literally, my name Melissa comes from Greek origin meaning honeybee, what a fun fact, right? So, I took my love of pampering and combined it with my name and Honeybee Pampering was born! I am lucky to be married to my best friend, Ray (also known as RayRay). He is my partner, honey do list doer and biggest cheerleader, if you watch any of my videos on social media or see me at a local event, you’ll be sure to see him in the background.  I have 3 fantastic children that are grown and starting their own paths and so it was time to work on my dream of crafting all natural products that everyone can enjoy. 

I started by researching and really spending a lot of focus on what I wanted to put into my products and more importantly, what I wanted to leave out of them. Honeybee Pampering was started with a love of natural, affordable skincare that I could share with my friends and family. The first product I started to make was basic soaps with just a few simple ingredients. I wanted a nice lather that rinsed off leaving my skin feeling clean but not tight and dry. After friends and family started raving about my soaps, I knew it was time to create a platform to share in a larger way.


Our products are created using oils and butters that are sustainably sourced. Each butter and oil are chosen for its unique purpose...Coconut oil for its cleansing and lather, tallow because it’s so gentle and effective or castor oil to create a silky glide ... just a few of them.


Honeybee Pampering uses only the highest quality essential oils to provide the safest and most nourishing oils for your skin. Our products are scented lightly with 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. I never use synthetic fragrances!


All of our skincare products are made, using the finest organic ingredients, simple and pure! I take a less is more approach to everything I create. The products I make do not have any artificial colors, fragrances, or added harsh chemicals to them, I say no to parabens, sulfates and SLS

We use only clean products that offer you effective, non-toxic alternatives for beautiful, healthy skin.  So pure you could eat them… but don’t!! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Honeybee Pampering is our side business and a passion project. By day, Melissa is a Senior Program Manager with an international technology company while Ray dabbles in real estate after retiring from banking. In our free time, we enjoy cooking, diy projects, traveling and making soap!

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