Collection: Magnesium

I keep hearing all about this “Tik Tok trend” of magnesium spray. Friends, this isn’t something new. ⭐️Magnesium is super nutrient for your skin, body function and mental state. If you try it and don’t see an immediate difference, great! You’re not deficient. It doesn’t mean it isn’t working⭐️
So how to use it?
✅ Menstrual cramps? Spray on your belly.
✅ Restless leg? Spray on your legs.
✅ Smelly armpits? Spray on armpits.
✅ Overall aches and pains? Spray on your feet, thighs, hands, arm pits…
✅ Anxiety? Spray on your feet.
✅ Can’t sleep? Sore muscles from gym overwork? Stressed? Migraines? Heart Problems? Muscle cramps? Dry skin? Depressed?
Literally can’t go wrong with where you spray it as it absorbs into the body and has tremendous overall benefits. But don’t take my word for it, do your own research and when you’re ready, Honeybee Pampering has sprays and creams for all your needs.